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We show you how to make profit from everyday items available online and in-store. Resell Concierge will help you make a healthy secondary income!

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How Does It Work?

If you’re new to reselling, we have mentoring & guides with 7 day a week support to help get you up and running as soon as possible and for continual support throughout the membership.

With our expert knowledge and experience from the team we send notifications/release times/guides directly to you. This may be a limited edition toy, in demand sneaker, even an everyday item you wouldn’t think could make profit. You purchase them directly from the retailer and then list to resell.

You sell the item on a major platform and profit!

How we help.

We have experts in each of their own fields who have been reselling collectively for over 15 years, within the concierge you will have access to a number of these including; Amazon FBA/FBM, Sneakers, Collectibles (Coins, statues, cards), Amazon to Ebay flips & in-store clearance hunters so you don’t have to research for hours on end on what to sell.

In house developers creating custom tools and monitors to help boost your reselling profits.

Custom Guides for alternative resell items with information on how to buy & sell.

Coaching and mentoring throughout your membership to help you to develop as seller and additionally we want all our members to become a confident Amazon/eBay sellers.

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Discover What Services We Provide Special For you!

Monitors & Tools

We supply custom monitors for websites to keep track if a products we know has resell value comes back into stock. Also we have a host of tools to help you improve your reselling journey.

Amazon & eBay Leads

If you are struggling to find products to sell or are already selling and looking for extra products to make more profit we supply deals daily to top your income up. This goes as far as actually being able to source products for free sometimes!

The Drop

Missed out an item or sneaker drop? We’ve got you covered, we provide exclusive drops just for our members within the service. This could be a limited sold out sneaker with massive resell to a games console. Also, we sell at the price we bought it (retail or less) and all are pretty much guaranteed to have resell value.

Collectables & Sneakers

We provide all guides and drop information on sneakers including raffle information, first come first serve sites and detailed guides for the best chance for you to buy. This extends further to collectable items that release at certain times, we supply all guides and information to help you buy them

In-Store Scouts

We have scouts checking national UK stores on a daily basis to look out for deals which are applicable across the country. So you can pick up a profitable item when you are next out shopping. These items normally have better returns than online flips and very often can be done when doing your weekly shop.

And so much more…

From free amazon products to weekly giveaways, we have everything you need within the concierge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by our users

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How much is the membership fee?

Our fee is £50 per month. Payments are automatically taken per month. However if you don't wish to continue, you can cancel at any time through your membership dashboard if you wish to.

I haven’t resold before can you still help?

We welcome everyone from experienced resellers to people brand new to it. We provide full guides with coaching and membership to get you up to speed quickly.

How much can I realistically make?

It all depends on the work you put in but the sky is the limit! We have members who's sole income is from reselling and our service provides them extra leads. Equally so, some members spend a couple of hours a week reselling and concentrate on high profit flips earning themselves extra spending money with little effort.

How do I manage or cancel my membership?

At Resell Concierge we want our members in full control so you have your own dashboard. From this dashboard, members control all aspects of their membership including payment method, remaining time on subscription, and cancelling (can be done at anytime).

Please head to the channel named #cancel-my-membership and read the information there. You can then gain access to your membership dashboard whereby you have the option to cancel your subscription, change your payment method or check how many days you have remaining.

Please note deleting your Discord account does not by any means cancel your membership with us. You must follow these steps.

How do the notifications for products work?

All notifications are controlled and managed by you so you can receive notifications for certain aspects or notifications for every piece of advice we offer.

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