What Is Ungating?

Welcome to Resell Concierge, the solution to getting ungated and expanding your product categories and brands on Amazon without any hassle. We understand that ungating can be a daunting process for sellers, but with our help, it’s easy.

What Is Amazon Ungating and Why Would I Need It?

Ungating on Amazon refers to the process of getting approval to sell products in restricted categories, subcategories, or brands. Amazon restricts certain categories and brands for sellers to maintain quality control and prevent the selling of hazardous items. To get ungated, sellers need to follow the category guidelines and requirements, maintain good standing with Amazon, find reliable wholesalers, and provide original invoices. While the process of getting ungated is generally straightforward, it varies depending on the category. Resell Concierge is a company that helps sellers get ungated to sell into any category or brand on Amazon. They offer different methods to get ungated but recommend using their service as it’s the most efficient way. They provide all the required documents and their process is quick. Additionally, they won’t charge extra for ungating any brand.

Amazon restricts some categories and brands for sellers, but we have the expertise to get you approved by Amazon to sell products in restricted categories. We offer different methods to get ungated, including auto ungated, making purchases, opening an Amazon business account, and hiring an ungating service. However, we recommend using our service as it’s the most efficient way to get ungated.

The categories that require approval for sellers include alcohol, animals, cosmetics, and more. We will provide you with all the required documents, including authorized wholesalers, original and recent invoices, local returns address, and language support.

Our process is quick, and the approval time varies depending on the season. Don’t let anyone charge you hundreds of pounds for ungating. Sign up with Resell Concierge today, and we will help you ungate any brand without charging you extra.

Whether you want to sell new products, categories, or brands, we are here to help you expand your business on Amazon.